Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Our National Anthem starts, “Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free . . .” What is happening to Peter Spencer shows that we are far from free, we are prisoners of our governments. The word “free” in the Anthem could be replaced with any of these words: dictated, manipulated and over-regulated. – Werner Schmidlin

December 29, 2009

Alastair McRobert:

Peter Spencer is now in day 37 of his hunger strike in passive protest for Farmer Land rights.

Rudd’s office in today’s Sydney Daily Telegraph is quoted as saying: “this matter should be settled through the legal system”.

“I would like to share that Peter has appeared in court regarding this issue upwards of 200 times in the last five years, one can only imagine the mounting legal costs. Justice Rothman J. in the Supreme Court. NSW PJ Spencer v NSW Minister for Climate Change, Environment &Water & Anor” said Alastair McRobert, “Justice Rothman concludes:

Para 83. “However, it is an extremely disheartening and sad occasion that a person, whose life and resources have been placed into rural property for the purposes of conducting a grazing and farming business, has been required to resort to this action.”

Para 84. “Governments not courts make judgments about political policy relating to what, within reason, is for the benefit of the community.”

Para 86. “Nothing in the foregoing is intended as a criticism of either the current State or current Federal Government. These schemes were implemented by previous Governments both Federal and State, with bipartisan support. Nevertheless, it is a most unfortunate aspect of the operation of the scheme that a person in Mr. Spencer’s position is effectively denied proper compensation for the restrictions imposed upon him by a scheme implemented for the public good. As earlier stated, ultimately that is a matter for Government.”

“So essentially, Peter has exhausted the judicial system and was told by the court on this occasion that this is an issue for the Government to address not the court” said Alastair McRobert. “This directly contradicts PM Rudd’s office when quoted saying that this matter should be settled through the legal system”.

“This judgment from Rothman also confirms the collusion of the Federal Government with the State and Territory Governments,” said McRobert. “Tony Burke, Federal Agriculture Minister, Peter Garrett, Federal Environment Minister and Dr. Mike Kelly, Federal Member for Eden Monaro are continually spreading misinformation by saying that this is a State Matter.” “Justice Rothman's conclusion confirms that the Federal Government put a scheme in place with bipartisan support with the Sates and Territories,” said McRobert. “The denial of the Commonwealth’s involvement in the expropriation of Peter Spencer's and other affected farmers property is treasonous; the Commonwealth’s benefit is clearly evident in their official documents.”

The Official Reports under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) reveal that land use, land use change and forestry (Kyoto Protocol clause 3.7 meaning land clearing restrictions can be counted as a reduction in carbon emissions from Australia’s National Carbon Accounts) has been the soul contributor that has allowed Australia to meet the Assigned Amount being 108% of 1990 total carbon emissions by 2012. The effected farmers have foot the bill for the entire 87 Mt CO2-e the only abatement.

According to McRobert, “The effect on these farmers has been enormous, the erosion of family assets, depression, family break-ups, and suicide in some cases.”

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