Friday, March 17, 2017

Editorials, par excellence!

Julian Tomlinson, (JT) the Regional Editor in Chief (Innisfail Advocate, Atherton Tablelander, Tablelands Advertiser, Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette) is a rare kind of Journalist, he writes as it is; his editorials can be described as - par excellence. JT is a true blue Australian and a shining example for many Australians who treasure free speech, and detest political correctness. The latter is destroying the Australian character and the unique Australian spirit; it is time that this folly is stopped. JT is not frightened to write about controversial subjects and  deserves to be applauded.

I will share with my readers Julian’s editorial in the Cairns Post, to which a friend remarked: “Yet again, Julian Tomlinson has used his sharp pen with courage and skill to parry and thrust against the blatant distortion of truth by those who would make Stalin and Hitler’s henchmen simpletons in the art of scare tactics and propaganda.”  We need more pens and public voice to support such journalism in the fight against such mischief and hysteria.  Well done, Sir Julian, our knight in shining armour, but watch your back and be alert for sharp knives and witchcraft. – Werner
Green hue to sea of hysteria.

A NEW wave of bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef has given the go-ahead for anyone with a green axe to grind to start gloating about how evil humans are causing climate change. The added benefit is that jittery governments desperate to win votes from inner-city elites, are more willing to fork out millions to scientists who claim they can defeat nature.
Even before the latest bleaching, the World Wildlife Fund issued a press release saying that last year’s bleaching had set back Australia’s Reef protection efforts by 20 years.They also took the chance to remind the Federal Government that it had admitted a funding gap of between $143 and $408 million to implement Reef 2050 Plan actions. Of course, it said that even this amount is “under-estimated”.
Last year, the feds pledged $1 billion to protecting the Reef from climate change and water-quality issues.It really means giving money to scientists to think up new ways to impose even more red tape on miners and farmers already drowning in it.
This is also despite a Queensland Government report in 2015 admitting that even if every farmer in North Queensland adopted the world’s best strategies to manage run-off, they have no chance of getting anywhere near the punishingly high targets set by the green mafia. In December 2015, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency said we were experiencing the strongest El Nino weather event on record. And the Bureau of Meteorology believes there’s a 50 per cent chance of another one this year. El Ninos produce dry conditions on land and warmer water in the Pacific, about 3C higher than normal this time around.

A perfect one-two combo to increase the chances of coral bleaching. But El Ninos do end, and it makes sense to save our pennies and see what happens to the Reef when more favourable conditions resume.
But this doesn’t suit a green movement that relies on emotion-charged hyperbole to convince everyone that it’s man-made emissions that are killing the Reef and goes into all-out attack when challenged, especially when rivers of government funding are at stake.

They also seem intent on destroying the North’s tourism industry with their claims “the Reef” is dying, and then dodge scrutiny. For example, a major Queensland newspaper has been trying to commission scientists to join a reporter on a tour of the GBR to independently see just how bad the bleaching supposedly is. So far, there have been none willing to take them up on it.

There are some people who believe water warmed by undersea volcanoes in the South Pacific could be causing coral to bleach. Others point to studies showing oxybenzone in sunscreen worn by millions of reef tourists harms coral.
I put both scenarios to James Cook University and it directed me to its ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. Three weeks after I emailed ARC’s communications team, they finally told me to go back to the JCU team.
You would think that JCU/ARC – the main “man-made climate change is killing the Reef” alarmist body in Queensland, if not Australia – would jump at the chance to quash alternative theories, but there’s total silence.
Australia is being held to ransom by militant green groups intent on making us believe humans are killing the planet, and that giving them huge amounts of money will prevent it.They are depriving Australia of job-creating industries, they hold up major developments in the courts, they demonise farmers and use loud noise, threats and ridicule to silence even the most rational, fact-based counter-arguments on climate change, dredging or fossil fuels.

There also appears to be a “science for hire” mentality by which if you receive funding to combat climate change’s effects, you’ll make sure you find problems – or at least hypothesise on possible problems.
As public man-made global warming scepticism grows, and sceptical politicians gain popularity, bodies that rely on “doomsday scenarios” to continue existing, have to get louder and more hysterical to stay relevant.
This is despite a string of failed predictions, the most recent being the lack of cyclones this year. Scientists predicted at least 11 cyclones to form in 2016-17 we’ve only had three. Then we’ve had the “Climategate” emails, and revelations that US scientists mishandled climate data to suit a government agenda. But according to MMGW alarmists, weather/climate scientists can’t be wrong or even questioned.
It’s time we had a government that applies scepticism to all environmental claims, stands up to international environment bullies, and that realises nothing we do in Australia is going to make a noticeable difference to the world’s temperatures.
My thought for today. – Werner
We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. Konrad Adenauer


Emma and Alex said...

Thank you, Werner, for sharing this excellent editorial with us. We certainly need more journalists in Australia and around the world like Julian Tomlinson. My husband and I totally agree with what he had written.

True blue Aussie. said...

An excellent editorial! We have too few astute journalists like Julian Tomlinson in our country. The climate has been changing over millions of years and will keep on changing. The Myopic Greens; the doomsayers and the many bleeding hearts stymie the progress in our country. We should build dams to collect our rainwater for irrigation and our drinking water – but our Green will have none of that. Why is our government not ignoring this motley outfit? We need leaders marked by practical hard-headed intelligence in our country like the first PM of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, or President Ronald Reagan, to name two. Ronald Trump is still a works in progress. Thank you, Werner, for sharing this with us.

Luciana said...

Thank You so much Werner the Messenger of Julian Editorial Message!
Please sent it to all the Pauline Hanson ONE NATION PARTY Senators and to George Gault their helper.

Bev may also put it on her Face Book Page.

Senator Cory Bernardi's new Party in South Australia would also be interest.

Also President TRUMP via THE WHITE HOUSE NEWS available to all people world wide, FREE - GRATIS!

This morning 18/03/17 President TRUMP & the German Head of State met at the White House USA. Their world Press Address is good news! with much praise from President Trump for the wise practice of training the work force in Germany, training people to do hands on 'work' that produces society's daily needs, the valuable trades-men and women!
While we need to value academic work, we must face the sad fact that people fail to value/praise the trades workers.

As always, dear Werner, You favor common sense and You are a friend of the people.
We thank You and wish You well with Loving Prayerful Blessings for good health and joyful days with your Families, Friends and Colleagues here, there and anywhere on this fragile Planet, right back from the beginning of time. Amen!

Social Justice Network
Considering consequences of cause and effect in all Governments' Public Policy

Beverley Prescott said...

Indeed a wonderful article by Julian.

He is one great journalist who is game to say what many of us think. That is, those of us who haven't been schooled under the curriculum which came into being in the 1980's under the banner of "Peace Studies" instigated by union groups around the world.

This started the left wing stronghold in our country. Most graduates coming out of universities since the 1990's and up to now know no different. They consider that what they were led to believe is correct.

Only time and experience MAY lead them realise that they weren't always correct.

May Julian keep up his great work. There are too few like him around.

Joan and Tim Bell said...

This editorial makes compelling reading, it is refreshing to know that we still have journalists who are not bound by political correctness. Congratulations Julian Tomlinson, for the courage of bringing this into the public domain. We are living in WA and received this from a friend in Victoria, so this is going around in Australia and we will forward it to our family and friends. We totally agree with the sentiments of the previous comments. We “perused” your blog, Werner, and have to say, wow, this is a treasure trove of interesting stories and information. Please keep up your good work.

Sonja Hardy said...

Yes, it's refreshing to read hard-hitting truth from the mainstream media. But unfortunately there are some taboo subjects I suspect Tomlinson wouldn't be willing to touch if he values his job - and they include the poor quality of 'science' supporting water fluoridation, and the risks vs benefits of vaccination. Perhaps though he would be more willing than most editors to allow letters from readers on these subjects to be published.

Errol said...

Werner, you have raised a problem which may well have no solution if we exclude war disease and famine. A question: Was colonialism really so abhorrent as the "carers and sharers" proclaim? When Britain, France, Germany, Portugal and Holland dominated/ruled Africa, the whole continent was well fed, Zimbabwe/Rhodesia was a major producer/exporter and is now a critically failed basket case with a criminally corrupt dictator at its head. And which UN-voting "nation" in Africa is better? South Africa, after all the splendid effort of Mandela, is now little more than crime and disease. Can it be saved?

If the UN were anything more than a well financed sinecure for a bunch of do-nothing bureaucrats, it could probably re-organize Africa's boundaries, forcibly oust the corruption, re-establish productivity and markets and get education going.
That is not going to happen because Marxism is alive and well in this unfortunate world. Yet, as an active practicing Catholic, I am obliged to offer what I can limited though it be and knowing that the result will be as you have pointed out.