Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are “geniuses” polluting our water?

Below is a letter in today’s “Cairns Post” from Margaret Phillips of Bayview Heights, Cairns. She mentioned “geniuses.” What geniuses in our Queensland government? Impossible! But people getting angrier and angrier with what they do with our water, we just have to keep up the rage till the next election - Werner

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CAN it be possible that the geniuses behind the carbon emissions policies are the same idiots who endorse the poisoning of our precious water supplies with the product captured from the smoke stacks of the fertiliser industry?

We can't put carbon into the atmosphere but we can dump S6 toxic fluoride compounds into our water and it is not pollution. It is poisonous to humans and animals in low doses, it accumulates in our bodies and causes all sorts of problems, it contaminates the environment but it is not pollution? Have we all gone mad?

Margaret Phillips, Bayview Heights.

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