Thursday, October 8, 2009

A concerned Cairns citizen

The letter below from a concerned Cairns citizen addressed to my wife, Karola, which arrived in our mailbox yesterday. We can easily imagine that there would be hundreds of concerned people in Cairns that are fed up with this government and what they inflict upon us and the government employees are frightened to speak out publicly for fear of losing their job. I assume that this is a response to a letter to the editor from Karola in the Cairns Post. - Werner

Karola Schmidlin
440 Varley Street
Yorkeys Knob 4878

Dear Karola,

As a citizen of Cairns, and taxpayer of Australia, I find it a very blatant waste of money to demolish the car park at the Cairns Base Hospital and build another one just across the road. This is very poor forward planning on behalf of all governments. Cairns is a fast growing regional city and needs more hospital expansion. It seems a new green stick site for the Hospital is out of the question, however in ten years time, there will not be any land left large enough for a new green stick site.

The question is why not leave the hospital car park where it is and build the hospital expansion over the road. There is in the existing plan an overpass to cross Lake Street. Therefore, it would save large amounts of money to leave the car park where it is and build the hospital extension over the road with the overpass as planned.

I write to advise you of this as I can not act on it myself because I am a government employee and we can be dismissed for speaking to the media or other people about government issues.

Very Concerned

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