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Water Treatment with Silicofluorides and Lead Toxicity

Jan Sharrock is one of the many people whose health is badly affected by fluoride in the water. Besides the silicofluoride in our water she is also concerned with its lead toxicity that comes along with it. Jan sent this interesting article on the subject. What our state government has imposed on us without a referendum is going totally against the principles of human rights and democracy. It is ironic that lead was taken out of petrol because of health issues, yet we put it back into our water together with fluoride, it doesn’t make sense. - Werner - Click on picture to enlarge!

“Where silicofluorides are used [in public waters systems], children absorb more lead from the environment”.
“Water Treatment with Silicofluorides and Lead Toxicity.”
By Professor Roger D Masters.
Sodium Silicofluoride will soon be flowing into Cairns water. Council has chosen a Silicofluoride formula from the 3 available options of Sodium Silicofluoride, Hydroflurosilicic Acid (known collectively as Silicofluorides), and Sodium Fluoride.

Professor Roger Masters has compared children's lead levels in communities using Silicofluoride treated water, with communities using Sodium Fluoride or non-fluoridated water. In conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, he conducted research involving over 400,000 children, and 30 communities, which use Silicofluorides, and 30 communities that do not.

He found that Silicofluoride treated municipal water is ALWAYS significantly associated with increased lead levels in children. The children were more than twice as likely to suffer blood lead above the danger level of 10 micrograms per decilitre of blood (10ug/dL).

Lead toxicity is a highly significant factor in predicting higher rates of crime, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, asthma, irritability, aggression, lack of energy, poor hearing, poor coordination, impaired growth, headaches, digestive problems, and anaemia. Lead poisons the bone marrow which can lead to leukaemia.

Children who have been poisoned by lead are less able to handle stress, and are more prone to violent outbursts. Lead interferes with the action of calcium, which is crucial for regulating emotional response, memory and learning. Lead exposure can permanently damage the brain and impair intellectual development. Young children are especially vulnerable. A number of studies have found that for every 10ug/dL there is a lowering of IQ in children by 4 to 7 points. It is possible to produce a lead-free-fluoride product, but the process makes fluoride more expensive.

Dangerously high levels of lead in 11% of children in Mt Isa, have resulted in law suits against mining giant Xstrata, and the Queensland Government. Nevertheless, the government still requires the treatment of Mt Isa's water with lead contaminated fluoride. There is no safe level for lead in the body. However 10ug/dL is the current threshold of safety set by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in 1991, as a lower standard, it was claimed, would have burdened the country's healthcare system.

Lead was banned in paint in 1970, and leaded petrol was phased out in 2002. Silicofluorides have been found to enhance the body's uptake of lead, whatever the source. The effects of lead poisoning are cumulative and can last a lifetime.

Any lead or lead-soldered pipes still in use in the Cairns water system, should now be non-hazardous, as the Environmental Protection Agency advises that lead stabilizes after 5 years. However Silicofluorides are highly corrosive, and can break down lead and lead-bearing brass plumbing, causing lead to leach into our water. Dr Willard E Edwards, a consultant corrosion control engineer, reported that such corrosion can be reduced by adding various chemicals to the water system, though this makes the water less pure. He advised that trouble due to pipe corrosion greatly increases within a year after fluoridation is introduced.

The Queensland Government has mandated fluoridation of our water supply, and permits lead-contaminated fluoride to be used. But the Government does not REQUIRE it.
Jan Sharrock. Brinsmeade

And here is an extract from a recent article in the Cairns Post.

Jan Sharrock
won't be jumping with joy when fluoride hits the Cairns water supply. She believes her health problems began when she lived in Townsville, where the water has been fluoridated for the past 45 years.

Jan lived in Townsville for three years from the age of 29, before becoming ill with allergies and digestive problems. She eventually became so weak she had to take to bed.
"I couldn't even read because my eyes wouldn't focus," she says.

"I went to doctor after doctor. It was so frustrating to be so ill. "Jan eventually researched her symptoms and discovered they could be due to an under-active thyroid. She was later diagnosed as having Hashimoto's Disease, an auto-immune disease that attacks the thyroid.

Doctors, she says, used fluoride up until the '70s for thyroid-suppression for patients with an over-active thyroid, so she believes living in a city with water fluoridation slowed down her thyroid function and had a negative impact on her health.

"My recovery was very slow," Jan says. "I didn't even make the fluoride connection until I was in Cairns and became a whole lot healthier."

For Jan, fluoride entering the public water system in Cairns is a nightmare
"There is no real solution," she says. "The only thing recommended is a reverse Osmosis filter that takes out most of the fluoride, but it also takes out the minerals, so it's not ideal."

Jan is now on the committee for Queenslanders against water fluoridation.

My thought for today. - Werner
We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

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