Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two cucumber e-mail responses from the south.

Beverley Swanson from the Gold Coast wrote: - I quote:

You're a gem Werner.

An hour ago I had the makings of a nasty headache. I was reading all about the cucumbers and I thought it was worth a try. It didn't cure the headache instantly, but by golly it feels a lot better and I can go to bed now and look forward to a much better nights sleep than I had anticipated.

While I was cutting up the cucumber, I noticed a few spills on the ceramic hotplate that I missed earlier. I tried the cucumber on it - I thought it couldn't do any harm. It worked, and a quick wipe over with a cloth and it was a good as new. Thank you for all the hints. - Cheers Beverley - Unquote.

* * * * *
Glenda Wyld from Byron Bay NSW writes: I quote;

Thanks for that Werner, very informative, who would have thought it could do all those things. I like your cucumbers and your blog. Glenda. Unquote. Look at Glenda's "untamed Art."

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