Sunday, December 27, 2009

Give support to a true blue Australian

While we all enjoy the comfort of our homes and enjoy the company of family and friends, spare a thought and give support to Peter Spencer who is on a hunger strike on a high wind monitoring tower on his property “Saarahnlee”, near Canberra.

Peter has repeatedly vowed not to end the hunger strike until Mr. Rudd agrees to pay himself and other farmers billions of dollars in compensation over land clearing restrictions and the role the restrictions have played in ensuring Australia met Kyoto Protocol carbon emission targets.

Rudd is showing his arrogance and uncaring attitude for the plight of our farmers and Peter. Give this true blue Australian your full support. Rudd has no money for our people, but gives away billions in aid to foreign countries. Charity should start at home. - Werner


Bev Prescott said...

The majority of Australians do not understand that this situation could happen to them. I think of the proposed plans for the southern highway into Cairns. Who is to say that Queensland Government will not just take all those houses without due compensation? It has happened before and it will happen again - these people probably are not aware of this man's plight in NSW. This is serious drama we are speaking of here. I was not aware of this man's situation until I heard of it on because the mainstream media block out any such happenings it seems.

Old Aussie said...

I’m ever so grateful, Werner, that you informed ROL about the plight and peril of Peter Spencer, without you most of us if not all would not have been aware of this. We have nearly a thousand members and if only half of them forward your e-mail to only ten of their friends this would give widespread publicity about Peter Spencer and his courages stand.
I hope the people of Eden Monaro remember the Rudd sycophant, Mike Kelly MP, at the next federal election.

Unfortunately, Australia has become a dictatorship, we just have to look what the Bligh government has done in Queensland; fluoridating our drinking water, without asking us whether we want it or not – this is not democracy. Their modus operandi is akin to the Nazis, Stalin and Mussolini. -