Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Anna Bligh has in store for us Queenslanders.

Anna Bligh’s storeroom is full with painful surprises, all of which will give us a severe pain in our collective back pockets and causing enormous distress to many. But wait, there is more, next week, Monday 7. December 2009, the people of Cairns will be drinking fluoridated water whether they like it or not and, giving a lot of people nasty side effects as well as health problems – Watch this space next week. – Werner

New report: Electricity price hikes hidden in mumbo jumbo!

Bureaucratic mumbo jumbo can’t hide the Bligh Labor Government’s intention to make electricity even more expensive, the Opposition said today. (This is very electrifying! – Werner)

LNP Leader John-Paul Langbroek said the Queensland Competition Authority’s final report into electricity prices made it clear yet another price hike was on the way, with low income and regional electricity consumers expected to receive the worst hit.

“This report states that ‘by providing customers with appropriate price signals regarding the cost of supplying electricity, cost reflective prices will promote the efficient use of electricity’.*

“Essentially this shows Bligh’s plan is to make electricity so expensive that consumers have no choice but to switch off their lights.”

Mr Langbroek said the recommendation to introduce seasonal tariffs on top of increased prices would be a double whammy for consumers - particularly those who followed her government’s advice an installed an air conditioner through the Energex program.

“Anna Bligh must explain her role in the Labor Government’s mass marketing of air conditioners through Energex - did she support this campaign knowing that she would then jack up the price of using an air conditioner during the warmer months?

“The Premier lied when she joined her predecessor Peter Beattie in claims that ‘no one would be worse off’ after electricity deregulation.

“Queenslanders are worse off — particularly low income earners and people living in the regions where electricity suppliers have a monopoly.

“It’s time the Government came up with a plan that didn’t involve Queenslanders sitting in the dark.


Anna said...

Mareeba has had flouridated water since the 70s and there is nothing wrong with us up here except we have better teeth. Townsville has had it for decades too and none of the worries you talk about have come to pass. Time to get real and look at the evidence of places where it has been introduced.

Democratic Cairns lady said...

Anna, you would have to be kidding, the teeth of the Cairns population according to statistics, are not better or worse than the ones in Mareeba or Townsville. I enjoy reading Werner’s blog because it is interesting, informative and most of all factual.

Ingesting fluoride should be a choice and not being forced onto the population. Could you tell me please, why all the water needs to be fluoridated? What good is it for the large population with dentures? Why does the water we wash the clothes, wash the dishes, water the plants and use for the shower has to be fluoridated? Can you tell my why Tasmania that has been fluoridated for 50 years; has forty-two fluoridation stations, yet has the worst dental record in tooth decay of the nation plus most people with dentures, according to Anglicare Tasmania?

It has been proven that fluoride in the water is absolutely useless against tooth decay. The Cairns rate payers have to cough up over half a million dollars per year now, just for putting fluoride into the water. Have you ever been in a shopping centre and seen mothers with their little children in tow each of them carrying a bottle with drinks – but it is not water, but coloured soft drink? Fluoride should only be applied topical to be effective, but the population has a democratic right to be asked whether they want to swallow this poisoned water, but Anna Bligh is a dictator and as such knows best what is good for us without asking us first whether we want it or not.

Do you know, Anna that a cup of tea contains 4 mg of fluoride that is the calcium fluoride of course that strengthens the teeth and is not the stuff that comes from the aluminium and fertiliser industry, which is put into our water? So handing out tea bags and fluoridated toothpaste would be the better and cheaper option for Queensland.

I suffer from thyroid problems and drinking fluoridated water makes me very sick, so why am I forced to buy fluoride free bottled water?

WayCup said...

Bill Kilvert writes:

Anna makes grandiose claims, but does not produce any facts. She thinks that fluoride is just about teeth. If you swallow the poisonous sodium fluoride you would be silly to believe it does not enter the rest of the body. Overseas research has shown that this is happening with longterm toxic effects.

Sodium fluoride can effect the thyroid gland, the pineal gland, the kidneys and cause gastro-intestinal problems, arthritis, as well as brittle bones. Have a look at: for a full list of problems.

Now looking at teeth, the latest figures from the "Child Dental Health - Queensland" statistics for Queensland districts shows the non-fluoridated Brisbane North and nonfluoridated Mackay have better teeth than fluoridated Townsville.(Mareeba figures are included in the Cairns district).

The latest "Child Dental Health - Australia" statistics show that Queensland is better than fluoridated Tasmania and fluoridated ACT.

And the latest WHO figures show that seven non-fluoridated countries in Europe are ahead of fluoridated Ireland (see )

If you have a broken arm you can see that you have a broken arm. However if you have a thyroid problem or a kidney problem or brittle bones, how can you tell the state of health in Mareeba purely by sight. We need research and the Government do not want to know about it.

How many people in Mareeba over 50 take tablets for an ailment? - How does Anna know that fluoride did not cause these ailments without the research ?

There is a lot of wishful thinking about fluoride and people want to believe that it is the magic bullet - even the dentist don't believe that.

Don't compare the younger generations teeth with the older generation. Since 1950, when teeth were pulled because of an ache, dental procedures have improved, nutrition has improved and school dental visits have commenced. - Don't listen to the Hype, do your own research - I have.

margaret Phillips said...

I suffer from severe asthma attacks about 6 hours after I drink fluoridated water. Just spent 3 weeks in New Zealand. 1 week on bottled water and I was fine. 2 cups of coffee made on what I thought was tank water but was Dunedin fluoridated and I was reduced to a complete invalid for the rest of the holiday. Christchurch does not fluoridate or chlorinate their water and their asthma rate is 5%. Queensland's was 12%, except for Gladstone, Townsville and Mareeba which are the same as the rest of Australia at 40%. In fact every place which has fluoridated water has almost half of the population identifying as asthmatic. Makes you wonder?????