Sunday, August 21, 2011

The convoy of “no confidence” is heading towards Canberra.

It could also be called the “Convoy of Discontentment.” In all my years in Australia I have never seen such a protest against an incumbent federal government. The Australian people, normally very placid have a gut full of the inept Gillard government, not only were they lied to, but they want to introduce an insidious carbon tax for which they have no mandate. A convoy of all sorts of vehicles are travelling from all directions to our National Capital to tell the Gillard Labor/Green government to call an election.

FROM what most people understand, the Federal Government proposes to collect the carbon tax from the carbon emitters who will pass the cost of the tax on to us, so it really won't cost the emitters anything.

Then the Government will compensate the masses with a tax rebate paid with the money collect from the emitters, so it won't cost us anything either.

So, no one will be out of pocket, there will be no change in the amount of carbon emitted, but at least a whole bunch of otherwise unemployable public servants and party comrades will be employed to supervise the transfer of the money between the accounts.

It's just like moving a dead body to a new coffin, hoping that it will come back to life.

I think I've got it, but you might feel that you need to correct me. But then again save your energy in case someone puts a tax on it. 

It remains to be seen if the federal government takes notice of “people power.” Click here and find out who the biggest polluter is on this planet yet pays no carbon tax. And here is the Ray Hadley Convoy Song. - Werner

Senator Barnaby Joyce has this to say.
Regional Australia is coming to Canberra!
I would like to offer my support to those travelling to Canberra for the convoy of no confidence rally next week. I hope everyone takes their time and has a safe trip.
The Australian people everywhere you go are starting to have one retort and it is this – can you please get rid of them.

Whether it’s the secretary at the doctor’s surgery, the taxi driver, the lady behind the till, or the person standing next to you in the queue, they are no longer surprised by just how totally and utterly incompetent the government is.

The convoy of no confidence is the inevitable consequence of a population that is just sick to the back teeth on what is happening to their country.
They are not nasty, they just want them gone. These people are a mere expression of what the majority are feeling. They are regular truck drivers, regular people who are making a political point. They are driving to Canberra to ask the government to do the decent thing and go to an election. It is like when a relationship breaks down and now the Australian people are saying they want out, or more to the point they want the government out.
There are reports today that the Government is planning to gag debate in the Parliament on the carbon tax legislation. After denying the Australian people a vote on the carbon tax, they are planning to deny the Australian Parliament a voice.

But these people can make a difference. People in regional Australia are often frustrated by the lack of a voice they have in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
I want to remind those living outside these centres that they have changed the direction of their country over the past few years.

In 2009, it was regional Australia that first stood against Kevin Rudd's emissions trading scheme, leading to its eventual defeat on the floor of the Senate. It was regional Australia that last year stood up against a Murray-Darling Basin Plan that was going to destroy the nation's food bowl. And this year it was regional Australia that stood up against plans to end our live cattle trade, notwithstanding the devastation that was caused during the four weeks in which Four Corners ran the country.

All of these changes came about by the force of ordinary regional Australians standing up against the Green, nihilistic and negative vision that wants to shut down economic activity in regional Australia.
It is only half time in this fight on the carbon tax. There is no messiah coming over the hills to save us. The only way to stop this tax is for everyone to do what they can to make it happen.

Whether that is coming to Canberra on Monday, calling your local Labor or Independent members or writing to your local paper, every little effort helps to stop this tax.
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Werner’s thought for today.
I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man, standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle -Winston Churchill
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Darryl said...

We do live in a dictatorship now!!!

Federal Police are stopping trucks cars and buses from going into the protest and the mainstream media will not show this.

All the mainstream media will show is a dud protest with only about 1,000 people protesting.

Ann Bressington MLC, reported this on Adelaide's radio station, 5aa this morning.

We all live in a Police State NOW!!!!

yk said...

Good article but you miss one important point - the money is not being returned to the 'masses'. It is going only to the poorer people in the community. What we are seeing here is a Socialist agenda, the redistribution of wealth and they are using the Carbon tax as a means of implementing it. This is the worst of the Green's policies.