Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Queensland Leader of the Opposition, Jeff Seeney, and mandatory water fluoridation.

Following is a letter I sent to Jeff Seeney MP, Leader of the LNP opposition, (By mail and e-mail) on the 30. May 2011. However, as I half expected, no acknowledgement or a reply was received and that is the reason I now publish it. It just shows how aloof and arrogant this person is. It seems that he is only in listening mode three weeks prior to an election.

When Premier Bligh announced forced fluoridation on the 5th Dec 2007, she said it would cost $35 million to fluoridate Qld. It is recorded in Hansard on the 12 Feb 2008 that Premier Bligh again confirmed that it would cost $35 million dollars to fluoridate Qld over 4 years.

Now we learn that the actual cost is at least $113 million dollars to date and this does not include SEQ Water or regional councils ongoing operating costs. It would also not include any repairs from flood damage as the govt was only ever going to re-imburse the capital costs of building fluoridation plants under the Fluoridation Assistance program.

The cost blow-out with fluoridation in Queensland, is the Labor Party’s blow-out and this is what Fiona Simpson’s “waste watch site” is supposed to highlight, but she is steadfastly refusing to do it and one has to assume that either the party, or Seeney, Langbroek and Dr. Flegg are muzzling her. - Werner
* * * * * * * *
The Leader of the LNP (Temporarily)
The Hon. Jeff Seeney MP

Dear Jeff,

I feel compelled to write to tell you that I take issue with all of the letters you sent to Colin Bishop, but in particular the one quoted below. Colin is one of your constituents, and as such it is your duty, as his representative in parliament, to listen to what he has to say and not brush him off the way you did.

Let me tell you that I have been involved in politics on the conservative side since 1964 and know a thing or two about it, and one of the things is that you treat your constituents with respect.  After all, they are the ones who put you where you are now.

I will not let you off the hook and your letters will be tabled at our next “Barron River” LNP meeting. Please note that our branch is totally against mandatory water fluoridation.  Michael Trout, our candidate for “Barron River” called in at my place and was thoroughly “enlightened”, by my daughter and myself about the health dangers of this insidious number 6 poison, a waste product of the chemical and fertiliser industry being forced on us without asking us whether we want it or not. 

Worst of all, this stuff comes from China and nobody can obtain a data sheet of what else is in this poison put into our water. Michael was a very good listener and was honest enough to tell us that he didn’t know anything about this and he is now a convert. My emphasis is on “honest enough.” Are you honest enough, Jeff, and would you also admit that you don’t know anything about fluoride? I will now respond within the text of excerpts of your letter quoted below in blue.

Letter from Jeff Seeney (In blue) to Colin Bishop, my reply in black.
Dental health and the increasing cost of that on the public purse has been a concern for some time. It is now considered that if the responsibility of public dental treatment falls on the general community then the responsibility also falls on the community to minimise that cost and provide preventative dental care.  This can best be done through the fluoridation of community water supply. * Jeff, it is time you step out of your little claustrophobic square and look at the real world. Ask yourself why most of the European nations have banned water fluoridation because of health reasons. Do you think that they are stupid? It is manifestly clear that you have your blinkers on and know nothing whatsoever.

Tooth decay is not caused because of lack of fluoride, but because of lack of proper dental hygiene, the wrong diet and drinking too much sugary soft drink. Furthermore have you ever seen young people drink water? I’m quite sure that you have never seen what Anglicare Tasmania wrote a while ago. Tasmania has been fluoridated for over fifty years; is 92 % fluoridated and Anglicare says that Tasmania has the worst tooth decay of the whole nation and, the biggest population with dentures. Does this tell you something, Jeff? Or are you as blind as those who don’t want to see and learn?
* There has never been any doubt about where I stand on the fluoride issue or where the LNP stands either. * I have to contradict this; here is what Nicole Tobin Connely, the Vice Chair of the Barron River branch of the LNP wrote to me, I Quote:

Our next meeting is the AGM this Sunday at 9.20am at the Shangri-La, but the following SEC/Branch meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 27 at 7pm at Ivanhoe's, and I will certainly table it there. (That is your letter to Colin Bishop, Jeff!)

I understood from previous conversations with James Martin, party Secretary of the LNP, that it (fluoridisation) had been previously debated at a State Council or Convention that the official party position was that a plebiscite on fluoridation be held to coincide with Council elections, and thus our SEC motion that we sent in for the last State Convention was already policy so it didn't need to go on that agenda, and at that stage I know we were assuming Anna Bligh would go to the polls BEFORE the 2012 Council elections, so I will have another chat with the relevant "powers that be" for you.  (And you know that due to my sister's medical condition, this is an issue very important to me too) Unquote. * What we can draw from Nicole’s letter is: that you as the Leader of the opposition don’t even know what is going on.

* When the Government introduced a Bill about fluoride we in the LNP did what we always do with any other Bill - we researched the issue and looked at the available information before we decided on a response. * This is absolute balderdash.  If you ever looked at anything it must have been research done 20 years ago or earlier, and not the very latest. I made a booklet and a CD about the very latest research and handed it personally to Langbroek at a party meeting, but he proved to be as ignorant as you and I had to write to him asking if he had read the booklet and watched the disc - and all I got was, “You have your opinion and I have mine.” Had Langbroek not been removed, I would have resigned from the LNP.  If we have friends in parliament and the LNP like you and Langbroek, we don’t need enemies.

 * We also considered a considerable amount of correspondence from people for whom we understood this to be an emotional issue. It was impossible to deny the evidence that fluoride in drinking water supplies had contributed to markedly different rates of tooth decay in communities across Australia - both in cases where fluoride occurred naturally in the water supply and where it had been introduced as a public health measure.
* Again, this shows clearly how ignorant and ill-informed you are.  If fluoridation is as successful as it is claimed to be, why is it that there is currently such an epidemic of poor dental health in states that have been fluoridated for many decades?

The fluoride that occurs naturally is calcium fluoride and not the silicofluoride industrial waste we get: courtesy of China.  A cup of Queensland Nerada tea contains 4 mg of calcium fluoride, so would it not be better just to hand out free tea bags, than to lumber every council with huge extra expense for adding poison into our water? This would be considerably cheaper, would it not? Just imagine building workers in our tropical north drinking many litres of iced tea; they would get an exceedingly high fluoride dosage.

Now: Jeff, please answer me the following question honestly, a lot of people will look forward to your answer. Why does the water we shower with, the water we wash the dishes and our clothes with, the water we water our plants with and the water we flush the toilet with have to be fluoridated? It doesn’t make any sense to me and many others; does it make any sense to you Jeff? 

What about the many people who have dentures, why are they forced to drink it or spend hundreds of dollars on filters to remove the stuff? Will fluoride also improve. DENTURE HEALTH?

This stuff will end up in our ocean and the Barrier Reef. Give me a break, Jeff.  Surely it would be more economical, more ethical and less damaging to the environment to give free fluoride tablets to those people who want them, and not force the rest of us to consume this carcinogenic, health-destroying toxin. 
* * * * * * * * *
* Because I represent a number of smaller communities I was concerned about the cost issue for local Councils with a larger rural rates base but decided on balance that the Government's determination to pay for the installation of the equipment was a fair balance. *The Queensland Labor government spent over 40 million dollars on fluoride infrastructure. What a waste of taxpayers’ money – especially since most of our councils including the Cairns Regional Council were vehemently against fluoridation, as was the former Premier, Peter Beattie. Now I refer you back to what Anglicare said above about how “successful” Tasmania’s water fluoridation was on tooth decay.

* I have continued to receive correspondence such as yours since the legislation has passed, but no one has been able to present any data at all to show that fluoride does not make a difference to public health or any scientific evidence to support the claims. I would suggest that you need to source that data and evidence if you want to have this issue reconsidered by Government. *  No one has presented any data . . .  OMG. There is plenty of the latest data available if you want to look for it.  You could start with Professor Connett’s website: and I could send you a couple of DVDs if you would be interested in being properly informed. Then there is the recently produced Australian documentary “Firewater: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace.” You should have a look at it if you want to be honestly informed.  But, do you want to be?  

Click also on this link: China’s toxic industrial waste is disposed of through Australia’s drinking water.
Professor Paul Connett PhD, an eminent environmental chemist and world expert on fluoridation, recently travelled around Australia giving public addresses about the latest research on fluoridation, but was totally ignored by governments and their fat cat health bureaucrats. 

Jeff, you remind me of the four absolutely useless Labor politicians we have in the four electorates around Cairns.  They represent their Labor caucus, and you represent the coalition, when instead you should all be representing your electors - shame on you all. It is manifestly clear to me that the Labor government and the coalition you lead at present have read the operational manual written by the Nazis. “Treat your citizens like mushrooms keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit and, only tell them what we want them to hear.”

* * * * * *

Please note! If you want to comment on this or any other postings and select “Anonymous;” as the sender; it will not be published. The blogger. 

And,I conclude with a fitting quote from Hitler: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." - Adolf Hitler.


Pamela V said...

Wow, an excellent posting with valid and to the point answers to Seeney’s dogmatic attitude to compulsory water fluoridation. I find it absolutely rude that a man in his position didn’t answer your mail and treating you contemptuously. Unfortunately, many Australians do not know the hidden truth about the dangers about fluoride, and people like Seeney, Bligh and Co take advantage of people’s ignorance. Keep up the good work, I find your blog really interesting and informative.

Colin Bishop said...

Hi Werner, I distributed your Blog to well over three thousand addresses - many of them to all State and Federal pollies - some were even stupid enough to ask me to take them off my mailing list - silly buggers don't understand that they are on a "public domain" mailing list provided by their State government so it is not "my mailing list" so I don't have the authority to take them off!

Any way, I got this back from a mate of mine last night. He would probably give an OK to keep his name off the piece but I don't have time to contact him.

Just read Werner's blog, clearly seeney is suffering from Ostrich disease, stick your head in the sand and it all goes away, not this time, as long as seeney is in the position of leader, the LNP have lost my support, my message to jeff seeney would be, "do your bloody job, or get the hell out of our way and we will do it" it would also appear that langbroek and flegg are just as stupid, given a clear run at it I think Fiona Simpson could make a difference.

Once again you will notice the lack of capital letters on some names, I only use capital letters for people who have earned and deserve my respect.

This is Colin again - I share his sentiments but I'm not sure that I support his comments about Fiona - she obviously is scared of the "Party".

I have suggested to Werner that the Branch lodge a CMC complaint as the LNP clearly are not beholding to the rules of the Party.

Queensland Voter said...

I read this posting with great interest and find it disgusting the way Seeney ignores the concerns of constituents. As the Leader of the opposition he is duty bound to listen to the concerns of Queenslanders regardless where they live and discuss their valid concerns with them. But from what I read this is not Seeney’s style he looks down on us mere mortals with disdain.

All our collective families are totally against forced water fluoridation, and as Werner wrote in a previous posting: “China’s toxic industrial waste is disposed of through Australia’s drinking water.” My family and I will vote at the next state election only for a party that will stop water fluoridation. For the life of me I can’t imagine why our government in collusion with the LNP gives millions of dollars (borrowed money) to the Chinese to get rid of their industrial waste through our water system. It just doesn't make sense.

Yet there is abundant evidence that water fluoridation has no impact whatsoever on tooth decay.

The Tasmanian statistics spell this out clearly, but the politicians ignore these facts and put their collective heads into the sand.

Rosemarie Zalec said...

How clearly Werner shows up this ill informed politician - the spiel is the same - ad nauseum - always - the call on our sense of "community" and the talk of "preventative dental care" which is of course, best done "through the fluoridation of community water supplies" and the lies - these NEVER stop! "researched the issue" All those who HAVE researched the issue recognize the blatancy of this lie!! And always (such a favourite tactic) the link is made between the natural fluoride and the indistrial waste as if they are of course one and the same! Irrelevant and just pure ignorance!

I long for the day - when finally our politicians have the courage to look at the truth with honesty and integrity. How long will this take? And WHAT will it take? Many people like Werner whom I congratulate for his honest appraisal of this very ignorant politician's reply.
Thank you Werner for your work. Very much appreciated

Rosemarie Zalec
(working towards getting the poison OUT of Mildura's water).

Colin Bishop said...

Bryan Outlaw – where do you get your information from?

Although the natural Fluoride content in drinking water in Germany is usually very low, the eastern Eifel is one of the few larger areas in Germany with (nearly) optimal (0.7-1.0 ppm) or moderately enhanced (0.3-0.7ppm) natural fluoride concentrations in drinking water.

You obviously know that there is a very big difference between the chemical silicofluoride and the natural fluoride (which is usually accompanied with calcium and magnesium plus some other trace elements), and Germany has decay rates similar to fluoridated and non fluoridated countries ?

As for idiots – I would suggest that you stand in front of a mirror in quiet contemplation of the “arse” that you have made of yourself!
Colin Bishop

Allison Combs said...

Bryan Outlaw, your nickname should be “Brain Dead” I could also call you a birdbrain, but that would be an insult to the birds; they are smarter. On which planet do you live? Fancy to censure Werner for doing they right thing by telling the truth about fluoride. Go back into your cave. Thank you Werner for informing us and ignore the nitwits.

Paul Hai said...

Anyone who thinks fluoride is good for them can get their own supply from a chemist, but do not force this toxic crap on us all, including the environment, via our municipal water supplies.