Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Queensland Labor Government; a spendthrift.

Well, that’s according to LNP’s Shadow Minister Fiona Simpson who runs The LNP Waste Watch website and is keeping an eye on the Queensland Labor Government’s prodigal spending. See below (“Blow the Whistle”) what Fiona has to say.
Please offer your opinion to Fiona on the link above, or on this blog, if you come across anything you think is wasteful spending by the government.
In my way of thinking and many others the biggest waste of money is mandatory water fluoridation imposed on our citizen by the Bligh Labor government. The overwhelming scientific evidence is patently obvious that water fluoridation is utter bunkum and a dismal failure in preventing tooth decay. As some of you would have read in my blog; we dispose China's toxic waste from the fertiliser and aluminium industries through our drinking water.
Tasmania is a typical example of the total futility of water fluoridation. This state has been fluoridated for fifty years; has 50 fluoridation stations, and is 92% fluoridated. However, according to AnglicareTasmania, they have the biggest population with tooth decay of the whole nation and equally, the biggest population with dentures. You wouldn’t have to be an Einstein to figure out how ineffective this number six poison is in our drinking water that we are forced to drink, provided we go to great expense and get a filter to remove it. Common sense just is not very common. - Werner
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Far North Queensland Businesses urged to “Blow the Whistle” on Government Waste and Red Tape. Tuesday, 9 August 2011
The State Opposition urged Far North Queensland business owners concerned about the rising costs of doing business to have their say about cutting government waste and red tape today.The LNP Waste Watch Shadow Minister Fiona Simpson and LNP Candidates for Cairns, Barron River, Mulgrave and Cook are inviting business owners to share their concerns.

“Under the watch of Australia’s worst treasurer Andrew Fraser, this lazy, tired 20 year old Labor Government has not only racked up an $85 billion debt with an interest bill of $595,000 an hour, but has also lost Queensland’s AAA credit rating,” Ms Simpson said.

Ms Simpson and the LNP Candidates met with a number of concerned businesses today as Ms Simpson conducts a series of state wide forums to meet with Queenslanders who are hurting from the high cost of living pressures fed by wasteful Government policies.

Ms Simpson said the red tape of the government was making business harder in Queensland.

"Where Queensland used to be the leading State for economic activity and low cost of living, we are now the most highly regulated state in Australia with over 70,000 pages of regulations for businesses.

“Just yesterday, we heard the absurd story of a farmer having to put two illuminated ‘exit’ signs above the doors of a new shed he’d built for 60 pigs. It is sheer stupidity such as this which is choking our small businesses.

“The State Government also wasted $80,000 on a pile of plastic signs pushing the benefits of solar energy to people who’d already installed solar hot water systems.

PS. And Colin Bishop from Mundubbera Qld. says: "How about we put big signs everywhere advising tourists that everything has bloody fluoride in it?"

"Government waste and the rising cost of doing business are adding to the burden in a tough economic climate.

"I am keen to hear your feedback on how you would like to see red tape and government waste cut.

“The LNP Waste Watch website and our forums will give Queenslanders an opportunity to 'blow the whistle' on waste.

"As part of the Campbell Newman team, we are committed to Cut Down on Labor's Waste, so we Can Do more for Queenslanders.
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Werner’s thought for today.
Those who will not hear must be made to feel. ~German Proverb
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And some will be made to feel at the next state election. - Werner
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Colin Bishop said...

Hi Werner

Are you going to tell everyone about Fiona's reaction to the fluoride blowout?

margaret said...

I am curious as to her reply also. I posted a comment to her about the cost of the legislation.v

Betty Baldwin said...

Fiona, please tell me why water fluoridation has been forced on us and, tell us over this forum what the LNP would do about it if we elect an LNP government?(We are swinging voters) We are a family of six and we have all good teeth, despite living in an unfluoridated area till recently.

I have a thyroid problem and should not drink fluoridated water. I can’t afford to buy a reverse osmosis filter, and buying bottled water is getting expensive.

My family and our neighbours also would like to know from you, why all the water had to be spiced with a number 6 poison from China, when only about a small percent is drunk and the rest goes down the drain? I’m look forward to hear what you have to say.

Colin Bishop said...

Hi everyone.

Some excellent feed back on this site - congratulations to Werner for excellence!

I live in Jeff Seeney's electorate - he will not represent his constituents even though there are many anti fluoride people here. He has refused to take a document to the parliament - I sent it to him by registered post and it was calling on the State government to subject itself to an investigation by the UN on the UN Charter for Human Rights.

No one likes him, most don't know who he is in fact. I don't really understand why the people in the Cairns area would want to continue supporting the LNP. Personally I would vote for the Queensland Party if they would put up a decent anti fluoride policy.

You guys keep bombarding Fiona Simpsons home page demanding that she puts up the fluoride issue on the Waste Watch site - she can not ignore us - can she?

Greetings from Mundubbera.

Colin Bishop said...

Some recent correspondence with our Council:

I believe that one Councillor said that he didn’t know why we were making a fuss because fluoride was already in our produce! Thank you Councillor – this is exactly why we are making a fuss, why are we paying for “something” that we are already being supplied with? And when we put this poison into our own water and start spraying our veggies and other produce with it; will we be overdosing? And who of you are on ADD/ADHD drugs, anti depressant drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs (Statin Drugs – Lipitor) – they all contain fluoride! Any mum’s out there – make up your baby formula with fluoridated water? Boil the water and the fluoride is concentrated – water pollution alert – “boil your water for at least three minutes”? And enjoy your cigarette as it is producing fluoride gas which goes into your lungs, into your blood stream and then what?

Colin Bishop said...

It is about time that you had fluoride up here! (on the Waste Watch site)

An interview on NewsRadio this morning featured the Australian Dental Association - topic - the increasing tooth decay problem - throughout Australia - fluoridated or not fluoridated. We are paying millions to Prof Spencer to find out why water fluoridation is not working or are we paying him to identify the fact that OVER FLUORIDATION is the cause of the problem?

A lack of fluoride does not cause tooth decay!

Are you a mate of Seeney? Will you do nothing because of your allegiance to the Party?

Get Mr Newman to ring me for a chat (07) 4165 3750 or e-mail me even. See if he can convince me that it is me and all of the very qualified anti fluorider’s that are wrong - and the advisors to the American government are also wrong (these people generally are pro fluoride!).

Time for honesty in government Fiona - LNP, Labour and the others. The LNP could get a Human Rights award if they were to stand on honesty and ethical governance.

You game?

Posted on Fiona’s Labour Waste forum.

Colin Bishop said...

Dr Young obviously does not understand the science of fluoridation because she still insists that “fluoride is natural as it comes from rocks” – that is the only truth, unfortunately the chemical designation of “natural fluoride” is very different to the silicofluorides that are being put into our water – natural fluoride is not classified as an S6 Toxic Poison and it does not come with a warning “do not ingest”. Further, it does not matter how much it is diluted – it remains an S6 Poison that should not be ingested. And finally one has to understand that when fluoride is extracted through the use of powerful acids it becomes a toxic waste product. To dispose of this toxic chemical waste would cost about $7000 per ton to dispose of legally – it is a nightmare problem for the fertiliser and aluminium producers. Chemical silicofluoride is removed from fertilisers as it is also a growth retardent and toxic to plants and crops – hence the regulation of super phosphate fertiliser and the strict policing of phosphate fertiliser discharges into rivers, creeks and the ocean – but it is fine, legal, and healthy for humans to ingest .5 of 1 percent of fluoridated water (at .7ppm) and 99.5% just casually dumped into the environment without a thought of overdosing the population through contamination of produce! Never mind the poisoning of endangered species such as the lung fish and the white throated snapper turtle, or farm animals that drink copious volumes of water each day?

Colin Bishop said...

Dr Young also claims to have the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the WHO, the National Acadamy of Sciences :”the prestigious US scientific organisation whos members have included 160 Nobel prize winners” and “600,000 health professionals in Australia alone”. She used to state that the American and Australian Kidney people supported fluoridation however she no longer does so as we informed her that the Americans now refuse to say that fluoridation is safe, the Australian Kidney foundation do not endorse water fluoridation as safe and they have informed me that they believe that the evidence of safety needs to be revisted in the light of new research. Dr Young has never validated her claims. Have you ever seen the list of professionals that do not support fluoridation because of the danger of harm – it is attached! I have also attached a list of the 14 Nobel Prize Winners who object to fluoridation – unlike Dr Young’s 160 Nobel Prize winners who have probably never even looked at water fluoridation - did you know that one prize winner studied “nose picking” (there is a name for it) and another why shower curtains blow inwards. I kid you not! But look at these winners look at their qualifications, positions – particularly Dr Carlsson – and then read Dr Young’s statement in the following paragraph – who would you believe? In relation to this also read the document NHMRC Review. This is a review of the NHMRC report which Dr Young clings to religiously to support fluoridation – Dr Paul Connett PhD is regarded as one of the worlds formost experts in the dangers of fluoridation – yet he and the Nobel Prize winners are dismissed by Dr Young. I am dismissed by Dr Young and I have a qualification “better” than hers even if it is just a Diploma in Biochemic Medicine – but it is supported by a Degree in Education and my daughters Masters in Medical Science Degree.

Colin Bishop said...

This is what Dr Young said to me in March of this year: It is Queensland Health's view that most evidence which proposes to prove the harmful effect of water fluoridation is of poor quality, published in single issue or biased literature, not subjected to peer review, out-of-date, selectively quoted, misquoted or irrelevant to water fluoridation. My response to this is not printable but Dr Young has made it very clear that she is not prepared to even consider her position and the truthfulness of the so called evidence that she claims to have. This is further reinforced by this statement that she now makes on every letter of reply: Please be advised that the position of Queensland Government is to fluoridate appropriate water supplies within Queensland. The Queensland Government does not intend to reconsider this important public health decision. And this from a doctor! It is not ethical to make such a statement!

Colin Bishop said...

The State government have now spent $113 million when their initial offer was just $35 million and they have not completed the State wide program. They have also declared that 1 in 3 Australians are at risk of a kidney disease and we have a massive thyroid problem – link this to obesity – link this to diabetes (massive problem in NSW right now) – link this to increasing tooth decay and then understand why I believe that Australia is suffering from a glut of fluoride – chemical fluoride! Queensland Health is fond of quoting the World Health Organisation so what about this from the WHO and why is Queensland Health refusing to comply or investigate – never mind how much “evidence” that they have supporting fluoridation – this is the truth that QH is now ignoring – deliberately:

"Dental and Public health administrators should be aware of the total fluoride exposure in the population before introducing any additional fluoride programme for caries prevention." - World Health Organization. (1994). Fluorides and Oral Health. WHO Technical Report Series 846.