Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The cost for adulterating our drinking water.

Below is a report, courtesy of Cr Linda Cooper Cairns City Council that will raise your bristles.

Here is what Cr Linda Cooper wrote, I quote: Thought I’d be the bearer of bad news and go through the details I extracted from the Capital Works (Water & Waste) 1st Budget Review and associated ongoing costs with the provision of chemicals, maintenance etc.

Previously Council were following a budgeted implementation program at a cost of $365,000. The actual cost that has now been allocated for the design, consultancy and construction of fluoride implementation facilities at Tunnel Hill and Behana Creek is $2 million. The fact that this figure is completely funded by State Government is irrelevant. Of further concern is that three more reservoirs (Mossman, Babinda and Whyanbeel) will need to be funded by December 2010.

During today’s Water and Waste meeting, GM Mr Bruce Gardiner provided me with ongoing costs, which will have to be borne by this Council. The annual cost of providing chemicals and maintenance for Tunnel Hill, will be approximately $150,000 and for Behana Creek $137,000 (a total annual cost of $287,000). I asked the GM if it was fair to assume that when the other three reservoirs come online that Cairns Regional Council will have an annual upkeep cost of approximately half a million dollars. His answer was yes. Unquote

What a forced and flagrant impost on the Cairns city Council and what a reprehensible waste of money, for poisoning our water supply that is totally unnecessary and futile in combating tooth decay. If you multiply this with all the other councils across Queensland you will get a princely sum of dollars that the government has to borrow and, money that could be spend on schools and hospital just to name a few. This totalitarian government with its wannabe ’master chef” just keeps on dishing out whatever they want; whether we like it or not, how can we stop this blatant arrogance? – Werner Schmidlin

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