Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fluoride free drinking water.

This is a machine that collects water from the air and filters it and then one filter adds minerals to the water, this machine supplies cold and hot drinking water free of fluoride. We have this machine for a week to trial. This machine costs $2.400, which is unfortunately forced upon people to buy who don’t want to drink fluoridated water for a variety of health reasons.

Because the Queensland government mandated water fluoridation without any consultation of the people of Queensland this is now an expensive option for people with kidney problems, asthma and thyroid problem to name a few, who do not want to drink fluoridated water. Since we had no choice whether or not we wanted fluoride in the water, I strongly believe that the government should compensate the people who have to buy this machine. What do you think?

Following is a letter sent to the Premier in this regard. – Werner Schmidlin

The Cairns agent for the “Konica Water purifier” is:
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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Queensland Premier
The Hon. Anna Bligh MP
Brisbane Qld.

Dear Premier,

The day is getting near when you force us to drink fluoridated water, which we don’t want to drink, nor need and we would like a choice, like it should be in a democratic country.

However, let me tell you something, why my wife should not drink it. And before I get any further, please answer to this e-mail personally; I do not want to get a pre-prepared letter from one of your staff, without you even seeing my letter, which seems to be the normal procedure. You politicians only listen to us at election time and after you do what you want and ignore us till the next election is looming.

My wife needs blood transfusions every three weeks, but blood transfusions build up iron in the body, which the body cannot get rid off. High iron content in the body poses a very great health risk so she has to take chemicals to get rid of the excess iron. This in turn causes a lot of side effects and puts a big strain on her kidneys and she has been advised not to drink fluoridated water. Why do you make us buy bottled water, which may not be clear of fluoride and would be too expensive for us pensioners? Why are you doing this to us, Premier?

We have at present a machine on trial, which collects the water from the air and filters it, and another filter adds minerals to the water.

Now, Premier Bligh, since you force fluoridated water on us, which we don’t want nor need, will your government compensate us for this machine which costs $2.400?

Furthermore, why on earth would a government want to fluoridate all of our pristine water when a person, according to World Vision, uses 282 litres of water a day and is supposed to drink 2 litres of water per day, and many don’t drink that amount? So most of the 282 litres of fluoridated water that we use for the shower, flushing the toilet, washing the dishes, washing our clothes etc goes down the drain and finishes up in the ocean and our reef. To a normal person this doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps the government thinks that we are not normal and Fluoride in our water makes us docile and dulls our collective brains so we easily take whatever the government dishes out.

Your government has accumulated a tremendous debt for Queensland. By stopping this nonsense of fluoridating our water you would save money.

If you look at the record of Tasmania it should clearly show you that fluoridation does not reduce tooth decay one bit – so why are you persisting with it?
Tasmania has been fluoridated for about 50 years and has one of the most intensive fluoridation schemes. Currently it has 41 fluoridation plants for nearly half a million people, is 83% fluoridated at 1.1ppm with Fluorosilicic Acid and Sodium Fluoride.
A report released 17th Dec 2007 from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare stated: “The highest levels of permanent decay experience were found in Tasmania.”

A Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Medicare by ANGLICARE TASMANIA in July 2003, stated: “Tasmanian adults have the worst dental health in the nation with the highest percentage of edentulous adults per capita with 15.3% of the adult population, compared to the national average of 9.7%.

The State also has the highest percentage of persons wearing a denture in the nation, with 11.2% in the 25 – 44 year category, which is almost double the national average.”

Stated also in this report: “Tasmania has had some of the worst health indicators in the nation.” And the latter may well be caused by the build up of fluoride in their bodies.

And please, don’t tell me again how difficult a decision it was for your government to fluoridate the water; after all, your predecessor Peter Beattie wouldn’t have a bar of this.

We admit that fluoride has its use and this is topical application by dentists to the young non water dinking population. Most people also know, but apparently not your government that what we need for good teeth is calcium fluoride and not that waste product from the aluminium and fertiliser industry that you force us to drink. Also, tea contains up to 4 mg of calcium fluoride per cup so a tea drinker gets a double dose of fluoride. Would it not be much cheaper for the government to hand out tea instead the poisonous stuff you put into our water?

You know, Premier that the young people drink very little if any water, so how good is your fluoride in the water for them? I witness this every day when I walk to pick up my paper in the morning; dozens of school children waiting for the school bus and what do the have in their hands? Not water, but coloured soft drinks and that is the cause for tooth decay, so why the futile mass medication by your government? I rest my case.

Sincerely yours,

Werner Schmidlin


Wendy Richardson said...

I think that is a very good letter Werner and it addresses the issues very clearly.
I bet you don't get your personal answer though.

Youngdan said...

Werner, You have sent this letter to a TITLE and not to the legal person, ANNA MARIA BLIGH (nee Tancred) Date of Birth 14/7/1960.

Do you really expect an answer from the title you sent the letter to ?

On the other hand you have no right to go after the individual either, Anna Maria Bligh (nee Tancred) Date of Birth 14/7/1960.

Look at your drivers license, all in capital letters and in the wrong order but you accepted it, you authorised the creation of this STRAWMAN that they will drive into the ground wheter you like it or not.

If you dont wish to purchase their tainted water, disconnect the water mater and install a water tank, much cheaper than the new gaget you are trialing.

If you dont wish to do business with the Cairns Regional Council and continue to enjoy the privilege of paying the rates the Council leves on your land, revoke your consent to any prior agreement and reject the OFFER they made in the last Rates Notice

Clean Water Person said...

Youngdan, you write a lot of BS and have some funny ideas. To get a reply from Bligh? I'm sure Werner will not hold his breath. Water tanks? They have their uses, but I do not like to drink tank water that is adulterated with flying foxes excrement and carrying the Hendra virus – this is worse than fluoridated water.

James Anderson, Edgehill said...

I agree with Werner on this one. But watch out that "young dan" is a crazy nasty person. I've had emails from him over the years and he's one deranged person and extremerly volitile. I suspect if I ever meet him face to face, I'd need the Police on my side. He's a very angry and upset person that loves conspiracy.

At least Werner is arguing a point based on experience and fact.

I used to see that "young dan" on other blogs in Caitns, but they've all banned him I think. He's one very odd nutter.

Stay we clear !!!

Simone said...

Hi Werner. Just a quick post to let you know that Clean Clear Water Company is the contact agent for Konia in Cairns for the Water From Air Machines. The contact details are 07-40301122.