Friday, September 4, 2009

Political correctness or political incorrectness?

I have seen headlines in our local newspaper, referring to people holding up shops and taking something away by force and without the consent of the owner as robbers.

Goodness me, this is absolutely politically incorrect to refer to these poor wretched souls who have a penchant for stealing, as robbers, the politically correct term is: Unpaying customers. So please remember this.

English is now a language with no sex drive. Political correctness effectively neutered its potency, precision and transparency. Instead of referring to people as white or black, or even purple, we are forced to use more cumbersome “euphemisms,” that, at times, are hardly euphemisms at all.

Australians are used to call a spade a spade and the politically corrected words do not fit well into our national character. Many of us are unwilling to sacrifice frankness for political correctness.

Werner Schmidlin

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