Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Masterchef or media tart?

Queenslanders don't like what Anna has cooked up so far.

Wet . . pardon me, what’s his name? You know the person that you seldom see, he has a string attached that Anna Bligh and the Labor caucus can pull and he then says “Yes.” He is the ineffective member for Barron River, OK that should give you an idea who I’m talking about and if you know his full name let me know.

Anyway, this fellow wants us to send Anna Bligh recipes that she can cook on “Celebrity Masterchef.” Chefs or cooks make their own recipes and if you come on to a show just to cook something from a recipe provided by somebody else you just do it for publicity. If Anna needs recipes it just shows that what she is doing is nothing more than a political stunt and all she wants is to outdo Peter Beattie’s record as media tart.

A lot of Queenslanders are sick of the sight of her and will not watch Masterchef with her on it.

I would suggest that she swims with the sharks, as Beattie did, which would be the perfect environment for her. What she has cooked up and dished out to Queensland so far is, apart from telling pre-election furphies, put our state into enormous debt, mandated fluoridation, sold the assets, taken away the fuel subsidy - just to name a few, which is totally unpalatable to the majority of Queenslanders.

Werner Schmidlin

What is a fanatic?

A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change his stand.- Winston Churchill

(The Qld Premier Anna Bligh, who mandated waterfluoridation comes to mind.)


Youngdan said...

Werner, I think she should take up cooking full time as she has been cooking the books as the alleged Premier and a Member of the Queensland Government for a long time.
She is not the Premier of a legitimate government for the State of Queensland as the State of Qld is NOT operating under the State and Commonwealth Constitutions.
The Premier has closer ties and obligations to the Queensland Treasury Corporation and this entity has all of the POWERS of the alleged CROWN. Is that the CROWN in right of the STATE ?
It may well be the case because the Governor of Queensland has never issued Royal Assent on behalf of the Sovereign to authorize the creation of the enforceable LAWS of the State.
All we have is the documented policy of the Queensland Treasury Corporation, who use the elected Members of the Board, to sit in the Parliament, pretending to make laws when in fact they are only creating terms and condition of the Company’s policy and dressing this garbage up as LEGISLATION.
Werner has photographed copies of these BOGUS, COUNTERFEIT and FORGED official Governments Instruments so I will leave it up to him and his computer skills to publish these documents on his Blog.

Activist said...

Youngdan, have mercy on those who'd have to eat what she cooks! Nothing surprises me any more about Bligh's "Government" - it certainly isn't democratic. How many more poisonous, destructive policies is she going to force-feed us before she's removed from office? Problem is, the Opposition just doesn't seem able to get its act together - certainly under the current leadership.